“One Country Two Systems”Research Centre

              General Information

              The One Country Two Systems Research Centre (CEUPDS) was established in 12 August 2008 which designated by the Despatch of the Chief Executive No. 218/2008 , as an academic research institute with project team nature. Further by the Despatch of the Chief Executive No. 198/2010 was extended for two years to 11 August 2012.

              According to the Despatch of the Chief Executive No. 246/2012, centre was revoked the project team nature since 12 August 2012, and the existing duties transferred to the Macao Polytechnic Institute and turn into a subordinate academic research units. Our objective still is “to form a reference basis of strategic information relative to ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle”. Fostering the full implementation of “One Country, Two Systems” and the promotion of administration according to law so as to suit the needs of the development of the Macao SAR is the basic principle that guides our academic activities.

              Being the first academic research unit of our kind in Macao, our legal orientation and social function has been very clear. However, in order to adapt to the needs of situation as well as expectations from the society, we are always dependent on the support and cooperation from Macao SAR government and the society. We are firmly committed to fostering the correct understanding and implementation of the Basic Law by means of probing into systematic theory topics, organizing various conferences, conducting social researches and publishing academic journal and monographs.

              Our current focal issues are:

              • To undertake researches on basic theory and practice of the “one country, two systems” principle;
              • To conduct researches on issues directly related to administration according to law; and
              • To study on significant topics in the Macao SAR.

              Major Research Tasks

              • Editing and publishing the Academic Journal of "One Country, Two Systems" (Chinese version is quarterly published every January, April, July and October), with the aim of turning it into one of the nationally recognized and leading platforms for academic exchanges and communications in this field;
              • Ensuring the correct implementation of the “One country, Two Systems” policy through the study of the “One country, Two Systems” principle;
              • Publishing the One Country Two Systems Series, so as to enlarge the database of the related field;
              • Organizing academic conferences, and different types of forms, seminars and talks of related topics;
              • Self-activating research projects or processing the projects in cooperation with well-known research institutions or the law schools of key universities in the Mainland;
              • Conducting telephone surveys of various topics occasionally;
              • Cooperating with local higher education institute and overseas key university in communication activities, aiming at developing our Center into a big-scaled and influential platform for the researches on the “One Country, Two Systems” policy and the Basic Law;
              • Conducting the Advanced Level Basic Law Course and the Basic Law Training Course for promoting the correct understanding of the Basic Law.


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