Centre for Portuguese Studies

              General Information

              The Centre for Portuguese Studies (Former as Portuguese Teaching and Research Centre) was established on November 6, 2012, with the inauguration ceremony of the Centre being presided over by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Mr. Cheong U, and the former President of MPI, Professor Lei Heong Iok.

              The main aims of centre are:

              1. to develop studies and research into Portuguese language and the cultures of Portuguese-speaking countries;
              2. to provide Portuguese language training, especially for teachers;
              3. to increase, through diverse initiatives, cultural exchanges with Portuguese-speaking countries;
              4. to promote the production of books related to its activities.

              In this respect the PTRC is part of Macao Polytechnic Institute's strategy in response to the increasing demand for bilingual Chinese-Portuguese speakers, with Macao acting as an exchange platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries in both economic and cultural areas. In accordance with this strategy, MPI has been developing and improving its Chinese-Portuguese translation courses, and in accordance with the legal system of the Macao Special Administrative Region, improving the teaching and research standards in Chinese and Portuguese language, culture and other fields.

              The Centre, therefore, was created not only for the better implementation of national policy guidelines, but also to meet local social development needs and, together with other academic units of the Institute, to complement MPI's teaching and research mission. Given the Institute's present conditions and its advantages in the area of Portuguese language and culture, the Centre will gradually play a more and more important role in Sino-Lusophone economic and cultural exchanges.

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